About Us

We own several different online stores offering casino games like slot machines, video poker machines, poker tables, and blackjack tables. Obviously, this is the site where we sell our blackjack tables. Because we distribute to the whole world on an individual basis the retailers work with us so that we can provide you with the best rates per game. You will not find cheaper prices anywhere on the Internet. The only way you can find a cheaper table is if it fell off a truck, and our tables are 100% legitimate and worth every penny you pay. So don't get ripped off elsewhere, shop at the best!

Blackjack-tables.net is a company run by Amped Up Productions, Inc. This company specializes in bringing party entertainment to your home.

Deal #1 - The Ultimate Blackjack Table

Deal #2 - The Pinnacle Blackjack Table

Deal #3 - The King Tut of Blackjack Tables